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Microsoft Partner
We work hand in glove with Microsoft
  • Access Infocouncil through Word on the desktop or as a Published App.
  • Use Outlook for the authorisation workflow.
  • Locate the database on-premise or in Azure cloud.
  • Integrate with SharePoint and Power BI.
Micro Focus
Leverage the power of world-class content management
  • A Gold Partnership is behind our deep integration with Micro Focus Content Manager (formerly TRIM).
  • A Software Partner Program provides development software, integration support and integration testing.
  • Our integration ensures document security, version control, auditability and record compliance.
Infocouncil added some magiq
  • The magiqdocument EDRMS is specially designed to help Public Sector organisations meet Governance and Statutory requirements.
  • Infocouncil's deep integration with magiqdocuments which makes saving documents to magiq a breeze.
Our Objective is integration
  • Infocouncil partnered with Objective and built a deep integration with Objective ECM.
  • Objective works with more than 1000 government organisations enabling their people to work smarter with secure access to the information they need.
Task Exchange
Infocouncil just works with LG Hub
  • LG Hub is the leading solution for secure distribution and management of content to mobile devices.
  • Administrators simply tick a box on the Infocouncil Publishing Screen to publish a document to an LG Hub Channel.
  • The content is immediately pushed securely to the LG Hub app on users' mobile devices.
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