User Group

Infocouncil operates an online user group. The group provides a place where councils can discuss and comment on their experiences with Infocouncil. Users can do so by commenting on posts, creating new posts or uploading files (e.g. screenshots) that may assist in the discussion.

Infocouncil User Group caption:Infocouncil User Group

The Infocouncil User Group is completely restricted, making it a secure and private forum for Infocouncil users to share information. All content posted to the group is invisible to the public. Searching for the group via a web search will not return any results. Only members are able to post to the group and see posts made by other members.

Membership of the Infocouncil User Group is by invitation. If you would like to join, please let us know.

These are the things you will find in the group:

  • Discussions between councils on various Infocouncil topics
  • Infocouncil release notes
  • Tech tips
  • How To documents
  • and much more

This link takes you to the group: Infocouncil User Group. If you are a member, simply sign in.