Infocouncil Training

This page sets out a standard training plan for a new council implementation of Infocouncil.

Report Writers

This is the first training course that we run. This takes place after successful installation of the software. The course lasts approximately 1.5 hours. It should be attended by the Governance Administrators and by any other people who are going to be involved in the testing and implementation of Infocouncil.

This course can be repeated on any subsequent visits if required. If this is done, it is usually attended by the following employees:

  • Report writers
  • Report approvers
  • Executive assistants

Some councils elect to conduct this course themselves once the key users are familiar enough with the process.

Governance Administrators

This course is run after the initial Report Writing course. The course lasts approximately 5 hours and should be attended by the key Governance administration staff. The Report Writing course is a prerequisite. This course is usually recapped on any subsequent visits.

Course Outlines

An outline of the topics we cover in these courses is set out in the tables below.

Report Writers

  • Introduction
  • The Infocouncil Toolbar
  • Creating a Report
  • The Report Toolbar
  • Saving a Report
  • Retrieving a Report for Editing
  • Editing the Report
  • Entering Attachments
  • The Authorisation Process
  • Making a Report Confidential
  • Cloning a Report
  • Printing a list of Reports for a Meeting
  • Updating Outstanding Actions

Governance Administrators

  • Introduction
  • The Infocouncil Administrators Screen

Maintenance Functions

  • Authors
  • Councillors
  • Meeting Dates

Creating an Agenda

  • Creating Agendas
  • Saving Agendas
  • Creating Minutes
  • Creating Attachment Documents
  • Opening a Saved Business Paper

Taking Minutes

  • The Minutes Toolbar
  • The Outline Tool
  • Inserting Resolutions
  • Inserting Procedural Motions
  • Inserting a New Item
  • Inserting a Division
  • Block Resolve
  • Insert Councillors Names
  • Insert Mover/Seconder
  • Insert Minute Number
  • Insert Row Above or Below
  • Make This Row the Resolution Row
  • Publishing a Business Paper to the Web

Action Sheets

  • Produce Action Sheets
  • Update Action Sheets
  • Monitoring the Progress of Action Sheets

The Infocouncil Database

  • Maintain Who will Address a Meeting
  • Maintain Apologies For a Meeting
  • System Maintenance

IT Administrators

The session for IT Administrators takes place during the installation of Infocouncil. Prior to this the council will have been issued a copy of the Infocouncil Installation and Training document. This triggers various activities to be carried out by IT in advance and raises topics that need to be considered by IT.