Microsoft Word templates, enhanced by Infocouncil, are used for staff members to create their reports. Typing reports is simply a matter of using Word in the normal manner – no new skills are required. Reports are filed automatically by Infocouncil. Reports may be filed automatically in your electronic document and records management system (EDRMS). Infocouncil integrates with the leading EDRMS products.

A sophisticated facility is provided for adding attachments to reports. Attachments can be any type of document or picture, including PDF documents. A flag can be set in the Attachments window by report writers to include the attachment in the agenda, or exclude it and place it in a separate appendix.

A form is provided for flagging reports as confidential. Later the software will enable you to handle confidential matters in a variety of ways.

Here are some of the other features offered in reports:

  • Use the Open file button in the Infocouncil toolbar to retrieve Infocouncil documents easily.
  • Re-allocate a report to a later meeting or refer it to a different committee.
  • Clone a pre-existing Infocouncil report for use in another agenda.
  • Cross refer your report to the relevant section of the council's management plan by using the drop-downs in the Report Dialog.
  • Pick from a list of your own bye-laws to include the relevant clauses in a report. This is particularly useful for DA's.

An electronic facility is provided in Infocouncil for approving reports. One or more authorisers can be defined in the Report Dialog for a report. A button is provided to the report writer for issuing emails to all authorisers asking them to come into the system to approve, edit or reject the report.

Once approved by all concerned, the report is ready to be included in the agenda for a meeting.