These are the ways in which agendas and minutes generated by Infocouncil can be published.


Printed reports remain a popular medium and many councils continue to distribute their agendas and minutes this way. For the general public, copies can be made available in various Council locations.

Infocouncil offers the standard Windows print facilities for this purpose.


You can maintain categories of subscribers in Infocouncil, add subscribers to the appropriate categories and then email the relevant Infocouncil PDF documents to them. The usual subscribers are councillors, senior managers and other key stakeholders. Recipients are able to work in their local copies and enter notes and highlights. Searching is also available within a document.

Council's Website

Infocouncil provides a function for selecting business papers for instant, automatic publication on the web.

Closed committee reports are published in a secure area and are only accessible by users with a valid user name and password. We have provided a scratch pad facility so councillors can make notes within web documents for their own use.

We integrate the published agendas and minutes with Google search, enabling full text searching across all documents.


We have been watching the meteoric rise of tablets with interest, because they lend themselves perfectly to the publication of council agendas and minutes. We have selected LG Hub as our preferred vehicle for publishing Infocouncil documents to mobile devices. LG Hub was previously known as Council Dashboard.

LG Hub is a third party solution that securely manages and distributes content to a user's mobile device. It works on iOS, Android and Windows tablets and phones, and as a web app. on Windows and Mac desktops. Infocouncil integrates with LG Hub.

For more information about LG Hub, please go to