Infocouncil's cloud roadmap

Cloud hosted software is rapidly becoming the new normal. Many councils in Australia and NZ have adopted a cloud-first policy and are gradually reducing the systems they maintain on-premise. But when it comes to word processing, cloud solutions compromise functionality.

That's why Infocouncil has developed a cloud solution that minimizes the loss of functionality that comes with leaving the desktop.

Creating documents in a web browser appeals to authors (at the front end) and readers (at the back end). They can author, edit and approve reports anywhere, anytime from any device with a browser. But current browser-based solutions represent a backward step for governance professionals, who once again find themselves manually cutting and pasting the complex formatting required in their agendas and minutes document - formatting that is not supported in the browser.

This is because Word Online and other browser-based word processors are significantly less functional than Word on the desktop. In addition, Word Online does not currently support Infocouncil's unique scripting language, which automates document creation down to the precise placement of text on the page.

Our script enables 100% automation of agenda creation. It also enables minute takers to apply the exact formats required to a minutes document live in a meeting (using our Resolution, Division, Amendment and New Item Tools).

In order to maintain this level of automation, we have developed a solution that offers the best of both worlds.

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