Agendas and Minutes

Infocouncil administrators access an Administrators menu in MS Word. From here they create business papers and minutes, manage templates and meeting types, update meeting members, including leaves of absence and apologies, and a host of other administrative functions.

Infocouncil removes all the tedious cut and paste from agenda creation. The administrator can quickly and easily ensure reports have been authorised, after which they simply order the reports within their agenda sections then press the Create Paper button.

Agenda compilation is entirely automated. Page numbering is handled automatically. The contents page and the layout of the agenda are built to your exact specification. Attachments may be included following their reports if that is your requirement.

Draft, late and confidential agendas are also created with the click of a button.


Draft Minutes are also created to your exact specification at the click of a button. Once created, Infocouncil provides a sophisticated toolbar in MS Word for capturing the minutes of a meeting. They cater for every conceivable eventuality, including:

  • Insert resolution
  • Insert motion
  • Insert division
  • Declare pecuniary interest
  • Leave and Enter Meeting
  • Insert New Item
  • Insert Procedural Motion
  • Block Resolve items
  • Move Item

Infocouncil provides an outline tool to help the user navigate through the minutes document and to assist with moving and copying items.

Our new eVoting system allows meeting members to vote for items using their devices, laptops or with the Bosch Dicentis meeting system. Votes are immediately collated and presented in the minutes document as a division.

Infocouncil's Minutes Tools make it eminently feasible to capture minutes live in the meeting. And being a MS Word document, we do not preclude minute takers from editing the document in any way they like, including the use of auto-text.