Agendas and Minutes

Users who are designated as system administrators are given access to the Infocouncil Administrators menu in Word. This is where the functions relating to business papers and the Infocouncil database are provided.

Producing an agenda for a meeting is a matter of ensuring that all the required reports have been filed and approved, setting the order in which you want them to appear and then pressing a magic button. By and large, the agenda compiles very quickly, in no more than 5 to 10 minutes, although care needs to be taken to ensure that image attachments are managed appropriately. Page numbering is handled automatically. The contents page and the layout of the agenda are built according to your Council's requirements.

If you have already published your agenda and new reports must be added, Infocouncil simply creates a supplementary agenda with the new reports in it.

Infocouncil has a sophisticated toolbar for capturing the minutes of the meeting. This caters for the rough and tumble of a busy, unpredictable meeting. Hotkeys are provided for every conceivable eventuality, including:

  • Insert resolution
  • Insert motion
  • Insert division
  • Declare pecuniary interest
  • Declare Code of Conduct interest

Infocouncil provides an outline tool to help the user navigate through the minutes document as it is being edited, and to assist with moving and copying items if they have been moved out of order during the meeting.

Taking advantage of these features makes it feasible to produce the minutes live in meetings.