Infocouncil provides a complete agenda management solution.

Whether you require a fully customised system, or an attractive and inexpensive Standard Templates package, Infocouncil will meet your needs.

Infocouncil's unique scripting language enables agenda creation to be 100% automated. Building the table of contents, header and footer content and pagination is just the start. Attachments to reports, inclusion of previous minutes, reports or recommendations from committee meetings and the formatting of the confidential section of the open agenda are all entirely automated by Infocouncil. No more cutting and pasting required.

Need to make a late change to a report or attachment in the agenda? Make the change, then press the 'Create Paper' button and compile the agenda again. Infocouncil does all the work for you.

Our scripting language also powers our Minutes Tools. Recommendations are moved and seconded, resolved or amended with a few mouse clicks. Divisions are recorded effortlessly with the Division Tool, or with our eVoting functionality. Hundreds of minute takers in Australia and New Zealand use Infocouncil to take stress-free live minutes. No other solution offers this level of functionality.

Infocouncil fully automates the complex work-flow that makes up the local government meeting process:

  • Report writing and approval;
  • Agenda compilation, publication and distribution;
  • Minute compilation and minute taking; and
  • Actions creation, distribution, tracking and reporting

You can read a summary of each of these processes by clicking on the links to the left. There is also a page explaining how we automate the publication of your meeting documents.