City of Stirling

A big council with challenging requirements

With a population approaching 250,000, City of Stirling is the largest council in Western Australia. With many large and complex meetings to manage, the Governance Team couldn’t wait to adopt a software solution that automated every step of their process. Stirling signed with Infocouncil in November 2016 and has not looked back. Using an automated system is “much easier”, they said; “we’re saving so much time.”

Making complex committee reporting simple

Agenda creation at Stirling was incredibly time consuming due to the requirement to include reports from committee meetings - including the recommendations and attachments from the committee minutes - in the Council agenda. This process was entirely automated using Infocouncil’s unique scripting language. All relevant reports from previous committee meetings are included in the Council agenda in the exact format required as part of the agenda creation. No more cut and paste!

Attachments with no strings attached

The Senior Governance Officers also find attachment handling so much easier with Infocouncil. Attachments can be included after the report or in a separate attachment document at the click of a button. Attachments can also be made confidential by selecting one or more confidential reasons, which automatically steers them to a separate confidential attachments document. “It’s a very automated process”, remarked one Senior Governance Officer.

A wonderful work-flow for report writers

Infocouncil’s authorisation work-flow is also highly valued by the Stirling governance team. Infocouncil enabled “a lot of processes to be passed to the report writers and managers”. Infocouncil also ensures reports remain consistent by use of Content Controls, hidden text, text entry fields and protected sections.

Happy with help desk

Stirling governance staff have only good things to say about Infocouncil’s legendary help desk support. “They’re great by the way, they’re really helpful”.

Big councils love Infocouncil

As a rule, big councils like Stirling require large and complex meeting documents, multiplied by large numbers of meetings. So, there are huge time-saving and efficiency benefits in automating the job of meeting management. That’s why 59% of large councils in Australia and New Zealand use Infocouncil.