Infocouncil is a software house located in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Infocouncil Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsiduary of Infosphere Pty Ltd, a company which started up in 1988 as a custom software developer. Infocouncil was formed in 2001 when we came across an opportunity to develop a software product for managing council agendas and minutes. This is now our primary focus. At present there are approximately 20 people in the company.

We have a very long list of councils using Infocouncil throughout Australia and New Zealand, and we expect the list to continue growing steadily.

We use the Microsoft stable of development tools. We are experts in the Microsoft products Word, Visual Studio and SQL Server.

Vela Australia Buys Infosphere Pty Ltd

On 5th July 2018, Vela Australia acquired a controlling interest in Infocouncil. Vela Australia is the Australian subsiduary of Constellation Software Inc, a publicly listed company on the Canadian stock exchange. You can find Vela here: http://www.velasoftwaregroup.com/ and Constellation here: http://www.csisoftware.com/.

Vela is a decentralised, learning-focused organisation that offers coaching and resources to help good companies become exceptional. Their best practices, derived from Constellation’s many autonomous business units, help their companies maintain and enhance competitive advantage, while providing customers with superior value.

Infocouncil will continue to operate as an independent unit but will now have access to know-how, funding and connections that were previously unavailable to us.

We look forward to continuing to help our councils manage their agendas and minutes, and we look forward to taking our next steps.