Infocouncil is located in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Infocouncil was formed in 2001 to develop a software product for managing council agendas and minutes. Infocouncil has 23 staff with offices in Sydney, India and New Zealand.

In July 2018 Infocouncil was purchased by Vela Australia. Vela is a subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc, a publicly listed company on the Canadian stock exchange. For more information about Vela see: https://www.velasoftwaregroup.com.au/ and Constellation: http://www.csisoftware.com/.

Over 230 councils use, or are in the process of implementing, Infocouncil in Australia and New Zealand.

We use the Microsoft stable of development tools. We are experts in the Microsoft products Word, Visual Studio and SQL Server. With a web based interface coming in 2019 we look forward to enhancing our powerful desktop functionality with anywhere anytime convenience.